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Dear Business Owner,

Have you ever felt like building your business just wasn’t fun anymore? Like somehow it had turned into work? Or worse—like it had turned into a “job”?

Like the business you’ve built just isn’t as enjoyable to own as it was promised to be?

You thought that building your own company would not only lead to financial rewards, but more than that, you thought it would give you the control and freedom you so clearly wanted in your life.

Only now you’ve found that while you have a lot more control, that control has come at a steep price—your daily participation in your business with no real time away from the business, not to mention the stress and emotional toll of keeping your business running year after year.

Where is the freedom about which you once-upon-a-time dreamed?

Hi, I’m David Finkel, CEO of Maui Mastermind® and I personally want to welcome you the Maui Mastermind community of business owners!

After close to 20 years of working with over 250,000 business owners from just about every industry and business category one thing has become very clear—most business owners are building a job for themselves, not a business.

The businesses they are building are dependent on them working long hours, with no real freedom, and no defined exit strategy.

Don’t let that be you!

I encourage you to leverage the tools and resources on this site to help you build a business, not just own a job! Whether you want to join the 110,000+ business owners who subscribe to and read our Small Business Coaching Tools Eletter ; or you want to use this site to help give you concrete next steps to grow your business; or even if you want the direct business coaching to build your business so that you can increase sales and reduce its reliance on you the owner, you’ll find the Maui community an exceptional resource.

Over the past 20 years myself and the other Maui Advisors have collectively built, scaled, and in many cases sold, over $2 billion of business. This community is one way we can “pay it forward” to the next generation of business owners by giving you the small business coaching, concrete tools, road map, and upgraded peer group to build a business you can one day sell, scale, or even own passively.

Now it’s time for us to take our first step together—identifying exactly what level your business is right now and how you can progress it to the next level. Simply click on the “Get Started Now” button below and let the journey begin!


David Finkel
Maui Mastermind®

P.S. I strongly encourage you to answer two simple questions to learn exactly what level your business is at right now—and the leveraged steps to grow it—just follow the “Get Started Now” button below!